AHF Swim is dedicated

to teaching kids to swim confidently and safely!

Waterbabies 6 months-2 years: 

Mommy & Me Classes:

Parents and babies will begin to explore the water in a safe and relaxed environment led by a trained teacher. This class structure encourages a calm experience with a focus on breath control, survival floats, basic arm & leg mechanics, and comfortability with the water. 

Parent or guardian age 15 or older required in the water.  

$80 per child for the week.

Tadpoles 3-4 yrs

Students will explore the water with enthusiasm and excitement in this safe and fun class.  Proper breathing, kicking, floating, simple strokes, and basic water safety rules are emphasized.. Join us today.  

$80 per child for the week.

Frogs 5-6yrs

We will explore the 5 basic and advanced strokes, breathing techniques, diving, and life saving water skills- all at each child's level. Through water games and gentle encouragement, your child will thrive as they develop a love for swimming.  

$80 per child for the week.

Extra Work For Our Waterkids!

Enjoy learning to swim with the comfort of one-on-one instruction. Lessons are tailored to meet the student's immediate swim level. Available to all ages of children age 6 months and up.

Individual instruction will enhance stroke mechanics, fix stubborn habits, while facilitating relaxation in a quiet learning environment. 

Private Lessons: $60/hr

Semi-Private Lessons: $130/hr (up to 3 kids)

Let's swim!

Don't forget your water & sunscreen!